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Searching for a sound…

As we move through the times, keep writing new material and produce our EP, I’ve started to think about the sound of our band. The songs we have have come from all over the place; some are 20-year old resurrections, some are adaptions of a simple lyric in my head, but most are completely new. How then do you bring those together and get a band “sound”?

U2 have one, the Stones have one, Ed Sheeran has one, the list is endless. “That songs sounds like a Tom Petty song” or, “The new album doesn’t sound like Taylor Swift at all”. All familiar things said about a variety of different artists who are lucky enough to have the longevity to develop a recognizable sound.

The answer, as always, is open and endless. As we play live, master an EP, create new songs, the familiarity starts to come through. Just last night at practice we were discussing how a drum beat on a new song sounds similar to an existing song, and talked about how that doesn’t have to be a bad thing; it can start to inform a how a band’s music is recognized and become familiar to people who hear our music.

So it’s becoming clear to me that the only way to find an answer to any of these questions is to keep doing what you’re doing: keep playing, keep writing, and it will naturally come through. You already know the answer somewhere inside, and perhaps the sound is already there, as because when something conflicts with it, you know it straight away.

As always, we push on through, and perhaps, one day, someone will say, “Hey, that sounds like a Beggars Waltz song.”

“They may not like us, but they can’t get away from knowing who we are.” – Robert Smith


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