Balcony audience at Massey Hall
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More than just playing songs

I was lucky to grow up in the age of videos and DVD’s, to get a head start on watching great live shows from favourite bands, and finding new bands based on a seminal live shows. The ethic of creating a live show is very much at the forefront of our minds. It’s more than just playing songs.

Yes, we create the songs, but then comes how to present them as a group in a live setting, as a representation of our sound and our message; how we can communicate with the audience and create an atmosphere in the room that stays after the music has stopped.

I suppose it begins with the band. What images are conjured up from the music? What made you hit that note when we were writing? Now how can we take those ideas and turn them into something visual, with videos, lighting, anything. I think that the focus should be on bringing the life out of the songs and perform them as an experience and expression of storytelling.

As written before, songs are living things and can take on their own meaning when played live. So from the first note, the band should be ready. Because for the next three, 10, 60 minutes, you’re in it and whoever is watching you is there too, and it’s up to you to say what you need to say in the given time.

So try that new move you saw your idol do: lift the head of your bass up, windmill your arm into the guitar solo, hold out your arm to someone when you sing “and I need you, tonight…”

Join us as we prepare for more live shows. That’s where the communication happens, where the magic is, and where the music lives.

I just think, certainly for live music, it should look as good as it sounds. – Adam Ant


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