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The journey forward

We are driven by the desire to make tunes. Songs with stories and emotion. Songs with real instruments, created by the experience of people playing in a room together. We’re influenced by artists who made such tunes, who spent hours piecing the stories together that would become now classic songs.

It’s these influences and experiences that led us to start composing our original songs in fall 2017. Ideas were coming from left and right, and the melodies and lyrics almost came to write themselves. With a full cannon of songs we decamped to Collingwood, Ontario in December 2017 to record for our EP. Now in the process of mixing and mastering, we’re getting out and around Toronto, so join us at The Cavern Bar on May 23, and The Opera House on June 2!

Though it’s hard to say where our journey will lead us, one thing is for sure; it will be forward. We’ll be pushing on, searching for new ideas, new ways to express ourselves through our music to keep the flame of rock and roll burning.

I don’t know where I’m goin’, but I know where I’ve been. Come on, live your dream. – Cast



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